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Teas around the world

Tea is a drink enjoyed around the world


Yerba Mate green tea packed with vitamins. It has a smokey bitter flavour and has more caffeine than coffee.

Great Britain 

 Ceylon black tea and Earl Grey. Tea only came to the scene in 17th century. Today the British are the largest consumers of tea tea in the world. Tea is served several times a day. Sugar and milk are added to the tea.


Masala Chai is widely drunk. Masala Chai is a blend of black tea and spices. There are many variations of spices.  

 Black tea and spices are added directly to the milk.


Oolong tea is a traditional Chinese tea  Oolong  tea is partially fermented and is only partially oxidized – giving rise to the tea’s color and characteristic taste.


 Tea is a savoury drink made with milk, tea and salt.


Matcha is a fine powdered green tea which has many health benefits.

North Africa 

mint tea with sugar is enjoyed throughout North Africa.


strong black tea made with dry leaves and each tea drinker adds water.

 South Africa 

Rooibos a red bush tea has bright red colour. It is loaded with minerals and is high in antioxidants. No sugar or milk is added. The locals add honey and lemon.

Hong Kong 

Black tea and condensed milk  or  evaporated milk  is served over ice.


Black tea in small cups is served all day. It is sweetened with sugar.

 Southern USA 

 Black tea infused with lemon and sugar served cold.  Canned and bottled are available throughout the country.


Bubble tea - cold milk is shaken until frothy. It is poured over chewy tapioca pearls cooked in sugar syrup.   Fruity variations are also available.


Buter tea known as po cha made with yak butter, tea leaves, salt, and water. It is a bitter drink.



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