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Functional Teas

Live a life fueled by tea - be ready

Did you know?

Tea began as a medicine in early 1900 and grew into a beverage.

Adding various teas in your daily routine can help you start taking approach in order to treat or prevent certain ailments and contribute to overall well- being.

Functional teas are here to provide a boost to our compromised immune system and energy level drops making our ability to cope with hectic lifestyle more challenging.

Teas and herbs play a key role in promoting health and wellness, maintaining active lifestyles and achieving mental clarity. 

Try our excellent choice of functional teas.

Arthritis Head to Toes

Beauty and Skin: Golden Glow

Belly Becalm

Ginger Turmeric

Cold Begone

Memory: Huh?

Relaxation: Raspberry Lemon Verbena 

Winter Cherry

And many more…..




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