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How To Brew a Cuppa

Drinking tea is relaxing and refreshing pastime. It is a versatile beverage with so many varieties.

With more than three billion cups consumed daily worldwide, tea endures as one of the most ancient and cherished beverages.  

How to make a perfect cup of tea?

Start with fresh filtered water

Use Loose Leaf Tea. It uses less packaging, so it is more sustainable. It also has more flavour.

Use one teaspoon of leaves per cup.

For optimum flavour add water when it starts to boil.

Different teas has a different steep time for optimal flavour 

Type of Tea Steeping Time  Temperature
Black 4 to 6 minutes Boiling
Green 2 to 4 minutes 175° F
Herbal/Fruit 5 minutes 200° F
Oolong 5 to 8 minutes 190° F
Pu-erh 3 to 5 minutes 195° F
Rooibos 4 to 6 minutes Boiling

swill you mug with hot water.

Strain tea leaves and pour into a cup

Sweeten your tea with honey or maple syrup

Add milk if desired 

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